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o Ice-cream recipe and scan of diary

o Hook up sensors

3. Process Candor inv in prep for VAT

1. LJ Website update and link

BT re compensation



Understanding Stat F/C process chain & alerts

o 2. Sort PW slides

o WoW with skus

o Template for BM selection profiles by 6/2

o Update distributor training material

o Meetings



Arrange for Charlie’s son to come check my wiring/hood/lighting in bathroom.


o Start cladding


o Measure up slates sills and order slate and sills

o Neil coming to fix HW temp sensor

2 sensors. Top sensor for off set at 60. Bottom sensor is for on and is displayed on controller.

o Plumb up en-suite

o Hook up water pipe and back fill away from edu wall

o Wire up network cables & telephone to barn

o Complete kitchen/lounge cement/floor

o Glaze test patches

o Purchase all switches and sockets

o Slate roof - find slates & purchase. Measure up sills and order as well

o Install window furnature

o Install door furnature

Lease registration.

o Carlyon 01872 278641,  will call back. $£75 + VAT. 78, Lemon St, Truro, TR1 2RPPaul Granville.

Email NB re fully signed off conditions?

VAT on pressies


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Yoga Spring 2018 Term classes. Click here for details.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Usually open to the general public.  

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBCT for Stress courses may be open to the general public but often MBCT classes are designed for specified clinical groups.

Whilst the courses are usually taught as an eight or nine-session weekly course, they may also be offered as a one-week residential course or in a retreat context.

‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ Courses

These recently developed courses require less time and commitment to home practice than the standard courses.

Please Note: These Courses are based on the book by Mark Williams & Danny Penman and whilst increasingly widely taught, positively received and subject to research, they do not yet have the full evidence base behind them that the standard MBSR/CT courses do


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